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Based on the popular undergraduate course, Taylor Your Life, Taylor Your Life for Graduate and Professional Students is designed to support students in designing a fulfilling graduate school experience and to support students in gaining more clarify and direction and designing a meaningful life after graduate school.

The TYL4Grads was created by Julia Lang and inspired by Designing Your Life at Stanford University. 

We are currently planning for the 2023/2024 school year. If you are interested in participating, please complete the form linked below.

Interested in participating? Complete the TYL For Grads Interest Form

What Students Say about the Program

“Personally, I believe I received a life-changing experience during this course. The positive self-talk, self-esteem building, and fearless curriculum was beyond what I needed. I complete my MBA this spring and was at a crossroads with what I envisioned for the future. I am now fully aligned with embracing change and look forward to the next phase of my life. I have learned that it’s okay for me to be uncomfortable and pursue my passions. I can now walk fearlessly into my future!”

“This came at a perfect time. As I am about to graduate and start a job search….there aren’t resources like this in my program. And I loved the activities and connecting them with my stories and messages and emotions that are going on…..idea of prototyping and thinking more broadly thinking about kind of position I really want to take.”

“This workshop helped me to discover ways I can blend my personal life and interests into my professional development and career. My greatest takeaways were strategies for prototyping different careers, salary negotiation, and comfort in sharing information with classmates.”

“[I learned] that I can be more intentional about how I choose my life, and that my choices are mine and I gained an introduction to a ton of skills and knowledge for how to hone those skills to get more out of my existing connections and to facilitate new ones in ways that make job searching so much less intimidating.”

“….I never thought I could do something that can have a social impact. And now I know I I will embed this in to whatever I want to do. This is the biggest thing you can do- to make social change, and why not as an engineer or researcher.”

“I got a lot of great feedback about how to narrow down what I truly want for my career. All the class sessions really helped bring my interests from these huge, abstract ideas to a clear goal and pathway. The class sessions have helped me understand what I need to work on more (my pitch, informational interviews), and where to start. I also am really appreciative of the extra resources offered in the emails!”

“I have learned how to reach out to others and how to negotiate salary. I didn’t know how to design my life and my world. But this taught me our life is designed by ourselves. And we can research and go where we want to go. ….all the skills I need to practice more and practice makes you perfect.”

Building Career Confidence

Participants in the program have reported growth in multiple areas, demonstrated via assessment from a pre and post survey. Percentage increases include:

  • 63% Being knowledgeable about negotiating for a more competitive salary and benefits package
  • 62% Preparing for a negotiation conversation with a potential employer
  • 37% Creating a life that is aligned with my interests and values
  • 37% Recognizing when fear holds me back in life
  • 36% Talking about myself and my interests to a potential employer
  • 32% Networking in my targeted professional community
  • 26% Conducting a job search aligned with my goals
  • 24% Envisioning and Exploring Multiple Life Paths)
  • 22% Understanding my interests and skills
  • 11% Becoming a changemaker – someone who can create positive social change in his/her field
Read the Fall 2019 Report


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