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Leadership and Staff

Ken Schwartz by Sally Asher

Kenneth Schwartz FAIA

Woman smiling wearing earrings in front of trees.

Julia Lang, M.S.

Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy, Ph.D.

Lavonzell Nicholson wearing a blue shirt and smiling while standing in front of a color mural.

Lavonzell Nicholson, M.S.W.

Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel smiling and sitting in front of trees.

Lesley-Ann Noel, Ph.D.

Rebecca Otten

Rebecca Otten, MPH

Maille Faughnan

Máille Faughnan, Ph.D.

Samantha Fleurinor

Samantha Fleurinor


Anna Monhartova, Ph.D.

Flora Petterson smiles at the camera wearing a blue floral dress, standing in front of an oak tree.

Flora Petterson

Anastasia Woods

Anastasia Woods

Professors in Social Entrepreneurship


Alessandra Bazzano, Ph.D.

Blady headshot (1)

Shannon Blady, Ph.D.


Paul Colombo, Ph.D.

Michelle Foa Head Shot

Michelle Foa, Ph.D.


Sarudzayi Matambanadzo, Ph.D.

Mallory Monaco Caterine

Mallory Monaco Caterine, Ph.D.

Anjali Niyogi

Anjali Niyogi, M.D.


Christopher Oliver, Ph.D.


Cordula Roser Gray


Thomas Sherry, Ph.D.

Instructors and Affiliates

Sarah Andert smiles at the camera while sitting on a rocky beach near the ocean.

Sarah Andert, M.Ed.


Stephanie Barksdale, MPA

Buckner Headshot

Jada Buckner

Scott Cowen_Paula Burch-Celentano (2)

Scott Cowen, DBA

Catherine Pugh Gergen smiles at the camera wearing a green shirt with a black jacket.

Catherine Pugh Gergen

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Tiye Jones

Wendy Leblanc smiles at the camera wearing a blue shirt.

Wendy LeBlanc , MSW

Abby Lukens smiling wearing a blue shirt.

Abby Lukens, M.Ed.


Allison Schiller, M.Arch

Myron Shaffer smiling wearing a light jacket, standing in front of a tree.

Myron Shaffer, MA

Kayla Smith smiling wearing a black shirt with a gold necklace standing in front of trees.

Kayla Smith

Cornell Sneed looking at the camera wearing a green jacket with a Tulane logo.

Cornell Sneed, Ed.D

Shaina Spector smiling wearing a denim button-up shirt.

Shaina Spector, MS, PLCP, NCC

Megan Straughen

Megan Straughen, M.S.


Cynthia Marie Washington

Student Fellows and Graduate Assistants


Kaitlyn Root

Kiriane Samir Chikhaoui smiling wearing a suit in front of a white wall.

Kiriane Samir Chikhaoui

Man wearing a white shirting, sitting on a chair in front of a blue wall.

Max Esperance


Megan Flattley

Woman smiling standing on a cliff near the ocean.

Michaeline Anglemire

Woman smiling with a red shirt, wearing glasses.

Natalie Hudanick

Woman smiling wearing a red shirt in front of a gray wall.

Niamh Brennan

Woman smiling wearing a red sweater in front of a lake.

Niesha Ford

Woman smiling wearing black clothes in front of a white wall.

Shaymaa Abdalal

Woman smiling wearing a blazer.

Sneha Rout

Woman smiling wearing a red shirt in front of a gray wall.

Sofia Gomez


Tiwani Oseni

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