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Drawing from the fields of career education, psychology, and design thinking, Life Design is a creative, iterative, human-centered problem-solving methodology that can be applied to navigate change and transition throughout life. 

Here at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, our approach to life design is focused on changemaking, the belief that individuals in any position can work toward positive social change. We teach life design as a tool for students to navigate their transition from college to the working world, but life design can be applied to any arena you wish to explore and change in life.

Created by Julia Lang, our life design offerings at Tulane University include the undergraduate courses Taylor Your Tulane (for first-year students) and Taylor Your Life , as well as a 5-week life design workshop series for graduate students, TYL4Grads. 

If you are an educator interested in bringing Life Design Education to your school, campus, or classroom, we have made our Taylor Your Life Educator Materials free to educators worldwide. 

Life Design Education News

7 Steps to (Re)Designing Your Life in a World with COVID-19

In a world changing in response to COVID-10, many of us find ourselves having completely restructured our lives and are in the midst of exploring entirely new ways to work, socialize, and imagine our professional journey ahead. Julia Lang, Taylor’s…

Julia Lang writes an article on the ten frameworks of life design

Julia Lang, Taylor’s Assistant Director of Career Education, has written What is Life Design? Taylor’s Ten Life Design Frameworks, a piece that condenses the underpinnings of our Life Design courses into ten core frameworks and mindsets while providing dozens of activities…

Julia Lang leads Life Design Education training for 50 Universities

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Julia Lang ran a webinar for Stanford University’s Life Design Studio to over 50 universities embedding life design on their campuses across the world. Julia shared how to recruit, train, and manage a fleet of…

Taylor Your Life: For Undergraduates

Taylor Your Life has altered my perception of the job search process intensely and even of life planning in general, outside of the workplace.

The curriculum emphasized the importance of being open to new opportunities and doing what truly speaks to you instead of simply doing what you or other people believe you should do.

– KeiraRosner, TYL student, Fall 2017

Learn about Taylor Your Life for Undergraduates

Taylor Your Life: For Graduate Students

Participants engaged in designing their lives using design thinking tools and mindsets

….I never thought I could do something that can have a social impact. And now I know I I will embed this in to whatever I want to do.

This is the biggest thing you can do- to make social change, and why not as an engineer or researcher.

Read about Taylor Your Life for Graduate Students

Taylor Your Tulane: For First Year College Students

Two students placing post-it notes on a whiteboard.

I came into this semester not having any idea of what I wanted to do and not really informing myself of what I had opportunity to do…now, all my thoughts have become more organized.

I have a sense of where I am going [and that] I was technically the only thing holding me back from a lot of opportunities.

Read about Taylor Your Tulane for First Year Students

Resources for Educators

Interested in bringing Life Design Education to your school, campus, or classroom?

The Taylor Your Life curriculum is free to educators interested in using design thinking to map “changemaking” career tracks.

Graduate Assistants

The TAYLOR Your Life graduate assistant works with the Associate Director of Life Design to co-create and support Life Design education at the Taylor Center.

Learning from Leaders in Life Design Education

TAYLOR Your Life was created after conducting extensive research in the field on best practices and current trends in innovative career development curriculum creation, including:

Life Design Education Program Team Members


Julia Lang, M.S.


Kaitlyn Root

Read About Taylor Your Life

Want to Learn More?

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