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Everyone has valuable knowledge to gain and share.

The Taylor Research and Scholarship team supports researchers working to advance knowledge and understanding of the fields of social innovation and changemaking.

We do this by connecting and cultivating a community of changemakers at regular writing and research-themed social innovation conversations; sharing our own knowledge through monographs, reports and publications and helping to circulate manuscripts, peer-reviewed publications, and presentations from our colleagues and community; and supporting researchers with project funding and writing retreats.

All scholars are welcome: faculty members, students, community-based researchers, and emerging and established scholars from any academic discipline.

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Research and Scholarship News

Research Funding

Taylor’s Social Innovation Research Fund (SIRF) supports faculty with funds up to $1,500 per person per year, for small projects with a social innovation theme.

This fund is for Tulane faculty of any rank and position interested in pursuing research on social innovation themes within their discipline.

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2020.

Writing Retreats

Our structured, silent Writing Retreats help all writers write more and connect with other writers. We sponsor 1-day social-innovation-themed writing retreats in the New Orleans area.

  • Enjoy a supportive setting built around the “pomodoro method” with 6-8 blocks of silent individual writing, plus breaks, during the day.
  • We invite faculty, scholars, staff, graduate students, community organizations, and practitioners.
  • If you are interested in joining any of our ongoing writing retreats, contact Anna Monhartova at

To learn how to host your own low-cost silent writing retreat, read our guide: How to Host a Writing Retreat (pdf)

Social Innovation Conversations

Social Innovation Conversations are 1-2 hour conversations over lunch with scholars, educators, and practitioners to learn and advance our understanding of the how, why and what about social innovation research. 

Graduate Assistants

Taylor Graduate Assistants (GAs) work with the Research and Scholarship team to create Taylor programming, share knowledge and increasing campus and community awareness of Taylor. Students must commit to working with Taylor for a full academic year.

Core Research Team Members

Anna Monhartova, Ph.D.

Maille Faughnan, Ph.D.

Laura Murphy, Ph.D.

Lauren Dorado smiling in a floral shirt in front of trees.

Lauren Dodaro

Chloe Schwanz smiling in front of trees.

Chloe Schwanz


  • Interested in collaborating or learning more about the Taylor Research and Scholarship team?
  • Email Dr. Laura Murphy at

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