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Julia Lang Leads Life Design Education Training For 50 Universities

Julia Lang leads Life Design Education training for 50 Universities

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Julia Lang ran a webinar for Stanford University’s Life Design Studio to over 50 universities embedding life design on their campuses across the world. Julia shared how to recruit, train, and manage a fleet of instructors from across campus

This session offered a deep-dive exploration of Taylor’s online library of life design educational materials, including all resources needed to market, plan and lead a four-day staff training; Instructor Guides and PowerPoints instructors used to prepare for and teach classes; and how to access and import a template life design Canvas course.

Several participants wrote Lang after the session:

“Thank you so much for the session and for sharing your resources. I find it really inspiring —- how you made it possible for everyone else to use your course. Also love how you created an educator train-the-trainer for your course.” –Liam O’Leary Graduate Programming Coordinator, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

“I attended the Zoom Skill share yesterday and I appreciate everything – the creative energy, spirit of collaboration, sharing of resources, insight into organization and training of instructors – whew! You have so much going on!” –Dr Margaret J. Weinberger, Director, Undergraduate Program, Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University

“Hi Julia – Greetings from London. I really appreciate your materials and the DYL call yesterday was super informative. Thanks for sharing!”- Kate Woods, Careers Consultant, King’s Business School

“Thank you so much for your presentation and for all of the amazing resources that you’ve shared so generously!” Ellen Bell, Professor of Anthropology, California State University Stanislaus

After the session, Lang remarked:

“It was inspiring to be part of a group of educators passionate about bringing the tools of changemaking life design to their students. I look forward to continuing to support the life design education community into the future.”

 You can access Taylor’s free library of life design materials online.

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