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RSS Stories From Taylor Changemakers

  • Look Out The Window! Downtown Days with Tulane Street Health
    Alvarez Spark Innovation Award recipient, Grace Yang, is a second year medical student at the Tulane University School of Medicine. Over the past few months, Grace and her team have been working to expand supply distribution and services at the student-led Tulane Street Health Clinic.   It was 93 degrees outside — a cool afternoon […]
  • Reimagining Homeowner’s Insurance in Louisiana through Environmental Education and Financial Market Innovation
    Changemaker Catalyst Award recipient Adina Weizman spent her semester as a Research Intern with the Tulane Institute for Water Resources Law and Policy, a legal research organization that centers their work around the complex relationships between people and water. Adina is a junior who is majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies and minoring in […]
  • Ojer Kan (“Long Ago”) Project: Archaeology Media in Kaqchikel Maya Language
    Alvarez Spark Innovation Award recipient, Jocelyne Ponce, traveled to Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala to create short educational videos on archaeological topics in Kaqchikel Maya language.   I was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I became interested in Maya civilization in elementary school, as the country houses over 5,000 archaeological sites. We learned impressive facts […]
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