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Julia Lang Featured In Tulane Podcast On Good Authority

Julia Lang featured in Tulane Podcast on Good Authority

Julia Lang , professor of practice and associate director of career education and life design at the Taylor Center, recently spoke with Tulane University’s podcast On Good Authority about adapting the tenets from her “Taylor Your Life” class for anyone contemplating a pandemic pivot.

She co-wrote a guide called (Re)Designing Your Life in a post COVID-19 world that outlines seven steps to navigate change in uncertain times.

“It is not about leaping into the unknown. I really cringe when I hear someone say, ‘You lost your job, just go try something new.’ That is not what we’re advocating, … Our toolkit can really help people systematically examine where they are, what resources they have available to them, what matters to them, and identify really clear steps for them to begin exploring and imagining what might be possible next.”

Listen to the interview on the podcast website and read more about her work Tulane’s website.

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