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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage students to pursue remote internships.

Use these sites to find remote opportunities in your field:

Use these resources to identify internships, fellowships, and jobs with  social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and changemaking organizations in New Orleans and across the world.

1. Social innovation and design thinking hubs

2. Changemaker internships, fellowships, and jobs.

3. Design Thinking Internships

Interested in a Design Thinking internship? Tackling challenges utilizing design thinking is an organizational and personal skill that can be applied to a broad range of issues. As such, we encourage you to expand your search and look beyond specific design thinking organizations. Check out our internship tips below.

4. Changemaker Tips to Finding and Making the Most out of an Internship

  • After researching social impact organizations that interest you, sign up for their newsletter and track them on their social media platforms.
  • Sign up for the Taylor center newsletter for listings on internships available around the world.
  • Apply to internship opportunities.
  • Find listings on websites, newsletters, even Instagram.
  • If an organization does not have a listed internship opportunity, reach out, express your interest in their work, and ask if they would consider hosting an intern. Ask about the organization’s needs and take responsibility for crafting a position description for how you would like to spend your time.
  • Talk to your internship supervisor about the ways you can use your skills to tackle and address organizational challenges or projects. Design thinking could be a useful tool here.
  • Track your work and create a tangible artifact, like an online portfolio of work accomplished to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

5. Find Funding

Many internship opportunities are unpaid.

  • If you are a student at Tulane University, you can apply for Taylor Center funding to cover unpaid internships once you’ve confirmed a position. Grants up to $1500 are available to cover expenses and receive a stipend for work.
  • Centers and departments across Tulane also offer funding opportunities to cover unpaid internships, conferences, and more. Visit Tulane’s granting funding page for more resources.
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