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Harnessing Generative AI To Support Feminist Pedagogy

Harnessing Generative AI to Support Feminist Pedagogy

Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online is a a guide that provides resources about integrating feminist pedagogy and technology into online, hybrid, and traditional undergraduate courses. The editors specifically designed the guide to support interdisciplinary topics and fields and to focus on active learning practices in social sciences, the liberal arts, and the humanities. As the editors design and curate this guide, they keep the following tenets of feminist pedagogy in mind.

Editors of the guide recently invited Taylor’s Julia Lang to serve as a guest contributor on the guide.

In her post, “Harnessing Generative AI to Support Feminist Pedagogy,” Lang demonstrates how educators can leverage AI, particularly ChatGPT, to further the values and goals of feminist pedagogy including advancing inclusivity, creating student-centered learning environments, humanizing online teaching/learning, deepening critical thinking, and creating opportunities for collaboration and peer learning.

Throughout her article, Lang links to multiple examples of ChatGPT prompts and responses to provide examples of how the platform can enhance learning in each of these areas.

Article excerpt:

Feminist pedagogy places a strong emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills, and AI serves as a potent instrument for nurturing this intellectual capability. While ChatGPT responses tend to be articulate and persuasive, they frequently contain inaccuracies. What better method exists for cultivating critical thinking than instructing students to scrutinize the biases and veracity of AI-generated content? Through this process, students acquire the invaluable skill of approaching all forms of technology with a discerning and critical mindset. This ability extends far beyond AI-generated content, empowering them to question the authenticity of information in a broader context, including instances of fake news. ChatGPT can also foster critical thinking by acting as a critic for any inputted work (full article I had it critique here). Students can also debate the platform on any given topic, fostering their own understanding while considering both sides of an argument.

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