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Image of Tamia Toomer, the Marketing Specialist for the Taylor Center

Tamia Toomer is a Marketing Specialist with a passion for creativity and innovation. Her work focuses on providing effective strategic communications for the Taylor Center. She specializes in promoting engagement and captivating audiences through highlighting the work of the Taylor Center online and in person. Tamia earned a B.A. in communications and has experience working in education. Prior to joining the Taylor Center team, Tamia served as a Senior Program Coordinator in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Tulane University. In that role, she advised 15 student organizations which comprise the Multicultural Council. She also supervised student staff for the Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of organizations. Each professional experience deepened their understanding of the complex nature of human behavior in organizations. The combination of experience with students, faculty, staff and members of the New Orleans community has positioned her to refine their ability to tailor strategies to meet audiences where they are and achieve strategic marketing goals.

Tamia has a desire to promote positive change in the world by addressing societal issues. As a member of the Taylor Center team, she is dedicated to furthering the mission to develop innovative ideas and approaches that lead to solving longstanding societal issues such as poverty, educational inequity, and healthcare access. Outside of work, she’s an avid reader, part-time cross-fitter, and boxing enthusiast. 

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