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Rebecca Otten

Rebecca Otten is Associate Director of Social Innovation Strategy at Taylor and Director of the Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) minor at Tulane School of Architecture. Otten currently teaches “SISE 2010: Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship” and the TIDES course “Cultivate your Inner Changemaker.” Otten, as part of the founding team that introduced social innovation work to Tulane in 2009, launched and continues to influence its co-curricular and curricular offerings over the last decade. Otten incorporates her diverse interests in youth development, organizational and educational systems theory and social impact in higher education, examining the ways in which communities and structures can encourage inclusion and equity.  

Otten is a Change Leader with the Ashoka U Changemaker Campus Consortium and contributes to academic and community engagement strategies at Taylor. Otten’s current research explores a dynamic, long-term partnership between the Taylor Center and Grow Dat Youth Farm, a local organization that nurtures a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. Otten has also established an ongoing partnership with unCommon Construction, an organization that uses the build process to empower youth to lead the workforce after high school or college.  

Otten holds a BS in Anthropology, BSM in Management, and master’s in public health from Tulane University.  

2018-2019 Courses: 

SISE 2010 Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship 

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