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Cameron Gordon smiling wearing a black shirt in front of trees.

Cameron Gordon is a senior double majoring in Communications and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Cameron first became involved with the Taylor Center through SISE 2010, an introductory course within the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship minor. The ways in which the course emphasized the invaluable importance of collaboration, empathy, creativity, community, and technology in implementing social change deeply resonated with Cameron. After studying abroad and completing her Junior year, Cameron decided to reconnect with the Taylor Center as a Communications and Marketing Fellow for her senior year.

Cameron is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, where she attended an all-girls school, The Garrison Forest School, for 14 years. At Garrison Forest, Cameron’s interests in Gender and Sexuality Studies and peer education and mentorship were cultivated and can be seen in her academic and extracurricular interests at Tulane. On campus, Cameron is an active participant in the WYSE (Women and Youth Supporting Eachother) Program and Roots of Music.

On par with the Taylor Center’s desire to curate positive social change, after graduation, Cameron intends to utilize her background in Communications and Gender and Sexuality Studies to delve into the realm of Diversity and Inclusion and Multicultural Marketing.

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