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Design Dialogues is an engaging speaker series that showcases the application of design thinking in the Gulf South and greater New Orleans area. The Design Thinking Team has taken great care in curating a diverse lineup of speakers, offering attendees a unique chance to learn from and connect with a wide range of change makers from varied generations and backgrounds. These in-person events are open to all, providing an excellent opportunity to network and expand one’s knowledge base.  

  • The aim is to foster a community where learning and sharing are at the forefront. The guest speakers will bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table, ranging from their business or product to art and skill-sharing. They’ll lead 1-2 activities to engage the audience, the goal is to break down the traditional classroom model and create a more interactive learning environment.
  • Anyone can attend these events, regardless of their Design Thinking experience; all they need is an open mind and heart to connect with others in the local, regional, and international Design Thinking community.
  • Whether you’re a practitioner or educator, Design Dialogues is an excellent opportunity to collaborate, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals. Join us to expand your horizons and connect with the local, regional, and international design thinking community.


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Our Design Dialogues will continue to be held next door to Whole Foods in Mid-City New Orleans, at Liberty’s Kitchen.

Tentative list of upcoming Design Dialogue Speakers

  • Kwame Terra, MPH, bHER Systems, Inc.
  • Nicole Deggins, CNM, MSN, MPH, Sista Midwives

Email Asia-Vinae Palmer at if you have any questions about what we look for in a speaker and let us know if you’d like to nominate yourself or anyone else to be a speaker for this series!

Author Talk: Lesley-Ann Noel

Join us for an exciting Author Talk featuring the talented Lesley-Ann Noel! Get ready to dive into the captivating world of literature as she shares her insights, experiences, and inspirations. This in-person event promises to be an unforgettable opportunity to…

Taylor 10 Week: Taylor Your Tuesday Life Design Lunch

6823 St Charles Ave 6823 Saint Charles Avenue Richardson Building 5 Suite 115, New Orleans, LA 70118, New Orleans, LA

Come learn about life design at Tulane, including Taylor Your Tulane, which applies human-centered design (design thinking) mindsets and tools to support first-year students in designing a fulfilling college experience; and Taylor Your Life, a career development lab for upperclassmen…

Taylor 10 Week: Changemaker Institute: Selecting Your Business Entity

Propeller 4035 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70125, New Orleans, LA

Engage in a thought-provoking Q&A session where participants pose questions directly to a legal representative.Legal Considerations when Building A Business with Impact: Q+A with AttorneysWednesdays, 3/6, 12-2:00 PM @ Propeller (4035 Washington Avenue)Join Changemaker Institute Fellows for a Q+A with…

Taylor 10 Week: Speculative Fiction Open Class Session

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library 7001 Freret Street Suite 430, New Orleans, LA 70118, New Orleans, LA

Speculative Fiction open classWhat do imaginary worlds have to teach us about the future we want? From fantasy and horror to science fiction, Afrofuturism, cultural commentary, alternative histories and dystopian scenarios, the genre(s) of speculative fiction depict worlds that don’t…

Taylor 10 Week: Design Thinking 101

Salon22 2401 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA 70119, New Orleans, LA

Get ready to dive into the world of design thinking and learn the basics in this hands-on event, "Design Thinking 101," starting on March 8,Design Thinking 101 @ Salon 22Join us for an evening of free food, wine, and design…

Past Workshops

May Design Thinking Breakfast with Glenn Fajardo

May Design Thinking Breakfast with Glenn Fajardo Friday, May 28, 2021 Glenn Fajardo led this month's Casual breakfast series to meet new folks, practice using design, design thinking, other designerly approaches to create social impact. 

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April Design Thinking Breakfast with Edson G. Cabalfin and Lesley-Ann Noel

April 2021 Design Thinking Breakfast with Edson G. Cabalfin and Lesley-Ann Noel Friday, April 30, 2021 This workshop is a casual conversation between Lesley-Ann Noel, Ph.D. and Edson Cabalfin, Ph.D. They talk about decolonizing design in and out of the…

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Woman smiling wearing a black glasses in front of a colorful wall.

March 2021 Design Thinking Breakfast with Raja Schaar, IDSA

March 2021 Design Thinking Breakfast with Raja Schaar, IDSA Friday, March 26, 2021 This workshop explores the ethics of design as it relates to climate change, disasters, and possibly even a pandemic! Participants will imagine the artifacts of design that…

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February Design Thinking Breakfast with Louie Montoya

Designing (Ourselves) for Racial Justice: Self Care February Design Thinking Breakfast with Louie Montoya Friday, February 26, 2021 Host Louie Montoya talks about self-care being a critical piece of design work. What does it mean to do equity for design?…

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Design Thinking Breakfast January 2021: De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

De Bono's Six Thinking Hats: a brainstorming activity with Niesha Ford, Natalie Hudanick and Dr. Shaymaa Abdalal Friday, January 29, 2021 Imagine thinking with only emotion, and no logic. Or only logic and no emotion. Description: See things from someone…

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Design Thinking Breakfast w/ Marcelo Paiva: Designing for your future self

How does our own bias get  in the middle of our design decisions? We are driven by how we are brought up, the way we think, our past and current relationships, our circle of friends, how fast we move, and…

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Design Thinking Breakfast October 2020: Jacinda Walker

“Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” The October 23, 2020 design thinking breakfast featured Jacinda Walker of designExplorr. She challenged adults to think about designing for a user with similar tools she uses for introducing design thinking to students.…

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September 2020 Design Thinking Breakfast with Johnny Saye

September 25, 2020

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