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Fall 2019 Silent Scholars’ Writing Retreat

Fall 2019 Silent Scholars’ Writing Retreat

On November 1, the Taylor Center hosted its first Silent Scholars’ Writing Retreat of Fall 2019 semester at the Taylor Center’s Warehouse District location.

Thirteen scholars, including Tulane faculty, Tulane graduate students, and a local writer—gathered to ‘silently’ work on their dissertations, theses, academic papers, and even creative writing. And, writing was not the only aspect that connected them: writing projects with a social innovation/changemaking theme was the common attribute of the group.

Highlights included:

  • Rafe Steinhauer, a visiting assistant professor of design thinking at the Taylor Center wrote a blog post about an experimental workshop on empathy he co-facilitated last summer.
  • Rosalynn Moore, a local writer and a retired teacher, produced some inspiring and thought-provoking poetry.
  • Laura Murphy, Taylor’s associate director of research and scholarhip, worked on research to be presented at next year’s Social Innovation Research Conference.

The Taylor Center is proud to support scholars and build community through regular writing retreats like these.

To learn how to host your own low-cost silent writing retreat, read our guide: How to Host a Writing Retreat (pdf)


If you are interested in joining any of our ongoing writing retreats, contact Dr. Anna Monhartova at







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