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Rafe Steinhauer, M.Ed./M.B.A., Tulane Visiting Assistant Professor of Design Thinking, smiles while holding a marker near a table.

Rafe Steinhauer, M.Ed./M.B.A., is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Design Thinking at the Taylor Center for Social Innovation & Design Thinking. Steinhauer is helping Taylor open a social innovation and design thinking space in the Warehouse District. 

Steinhauer came to Tulane from Princeton University, where he was a Lecturer who taught classes on Creativity, Innovation, and Design. At Princeton, he started the Tiger Challenge program, in which teams of students, advisers, and community partners worked on multi-year design thinking for social innovation projects. In his four years leading Tiger Challenge, 34 teams, 183 students, 36 partner organizations, and 114 advisers worked on a range of issues, such as: 

  • Reducing new cases of lead poisoning in Trenton, NJ
  • Localizing the food system in Princeton, NJ
  • Increasing access to care in Philadelphia
  • Improving college matriculation and graduation rates of public school alumni in New York City
  • Increasing Princeton University’s percentage of contracts with minorityand women-owned businesses.

Steinhauer earned a Commendation for Outstanding Teaching (2018) for a Princeton class he taught on creativity, innovation, and design that focused on reducing consumption on Princeton University’s campus. He was also part of Mayor Liz Lempert’s team that was a finalist in Bloomberg’s global Mayor’s Challenge for how a municipal government could help create a semi-closed loop local food system. His formal degrees include an M.Ed. and an M.B.A. from the University of Virginia (2015) and a B.S.E. from Princeton University (2007). 

His interests include the design of education and the education of design (for social impact). Most recently, Steinhauer has been tinkering with how integrating mindfulness practices into design thinking education might hypercharge meta-consciousness

A New Orleans resident since September 2019, he enjoys learning more about New Orleans and hearing how you think design thinking might help accelerate the work of those seeking to improve the city. 

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