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SE Professor Studies Effects Of Lead On Mockingbirds

SE Professor studies effects of lead on mockingbirds

Photo: Paula Burch-Celentano

By: Barri Bronston

Note: Jordan Karubian is a Taylor Center Social Entrepreneurship Professor. 

Could mockingbirds, known for mimicking the sounds of other birds, also be mirroring the effects of lead exposure in humans?

Tulane University researchers have received a grant from the Morris Animal Foundation to continue their study on this and other possible results of lead exposure in wildlife.

The two-year $104,500 grant will allow the husband-wife team of Jordan Karubian and Renata Ribeiro, both professors in Tulane’s Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, to build on previous work showing that lead levels in mockingbird adults, nestlings and eggs appear to correlate with the effects of environmental lead exposure in humans.

Read the full article here, courtesy New Wave.


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