Taylor Student Fellows work closely with the Taylor faculty and staff to engage Tulane students in academic and co-curricular activities in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking. Each year Taylor seeks a diverse team of responsible, open-minded, and motivated students who want to support students and enhance engagement on campus and in the community.

Taylor Student Fellows are paraprofessionals responsible for creating and implementing Taylor programs spanning aspects of social innovation such as design thinking for social impact, entrepreneurial social venture development, and leadership. Student Fellows are also ambassadors of the Taylor Center engaging the Tulane and New Orleans community through programming, social media, and community events.

Student Fellows run some of the daily operations of Taylor, including coordinating the day-to-day use of Flower Hall, maintaining the office space and supplies, and creating communication and programming content. Student Fellows thus help Taylor staff and faculty create and run programs, increase campus and community awareness of Taylor, expand services and programs, asses outcomes and impacts, build strong partnerships, and other efforts consistent with the Taylor vision, mission, resources, and strategy.

Fellows commit to working with Taylor for a full academic year, and they receive a larger stipend for returning after their first year. Fellowships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Applications open for Student Fellows for 2017-2018 School year.

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Available positions: 

Design Thinking (DT) Student Fellow; 4 positions 

Four DT Fellows support, help design, facilitate, promote, and execute a variety of design thinking for social impact education programs including the human-centered design “crash courses” and Fast 48 weekend bootcamp. DT Fellows are responsible for increasing awareness of DT through education, workshops, and partnerships with campus and community partners.

Changemaker Institute (CI) Student Fellows; 3 positions

Three CI Student Fellows will work together and with staff to develop, organize, promote, and execute Taylor’s social venture accelerator program, the Changemaker Institute. Fellows will plan in the Fall (revise curriculum, recruit participants and secure mentors and speakers) and execute the Institute in the spring, which rolls out over 8 Saturday sessions.

Communication & Marketing (CM) Student Fellows; 3 positions

Three CM Student Fellows will communicate, promote and market Taylor programs, events, trainings, and activities. C&M Fellows are the authors and curators of various marketing platforms including, but not limited to, the Taylor newsletter, TaylorHub (our blog), event calendars, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This team is also in charge of photographing events, directing short promotional and informational videos, and graphic design work.

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