Class in FH

SISE 4570: SISE Internship

Instructor: CPS

Note: Students must secure their own internship placement. 

Internship Seminars are based on discussion sessions, professional development workshops, guest speakers from local organizations, and student presentations. CPS Internship Coordinators place students in the appropriate seminar depending on their department for credit and their internship. Topics include:

  • Communication Internship (limited to Communication major/minors only)
  • Careers in Health Sciences
  • Leadership and Ethics in Public Health
  • Psychology Internship
  • STEM Education Internship
  • Public History Internship Seminar
  • Community Engagement

SISE 6100:  Social Innovation Toolkit

Instructors: Murphy

Graduate course; instructor approval required for upper-level undergraduates. There are no prerequisites.  The course requires students to enroll in the weekend Fast 48 workshop offered each semester. The workshop fee is $60.  Exceptions to this requirement will be made for students who have taken prior Fast 48 and who receive instructor permission.

The course offers graduate students theoretical foundations and practical skills to comprise a social innovation toolkit: including complex systems thinking, human-centered design (HCD), entrepreneurial thought-in-action, and systems leadership. This “social innovation toolkit” would complement their disciplinary graduate training (e.g., MA, MBA, March, MPH) with ‘transdisciplinary problem-solving’ theory and practice.    The course will run as a hybrid of academic seminar and workshop. It will be both (1) theoretical, ideas-rich seminar with readings, lectures, examples, and discussions around social innovation as a specific approach to societal problem-solving; and (2) hands-on workshops in design methods, systems-thinking, and business strategy.