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Connecting Social Innovation Researchers

Born from the spirit of the Social Innovation Symposium, the Conversations in Social Innovation series engage young scholars, research partners, and knowledge enthusiasts in discussions about research efforts through Taylor and the community, in a casual round table setting.

The conversations allow participants to connect their research with the pursuit of social innovations as well as new, effective, and system-aware solutions to persistent social problems.

Taylor aims to promote networking, explore pathways in social innovation research, and advance our social innovation research collaborations among the center, Tulane, local universities, and community partners.

We welcome doctoral students, faculty, post-doctoral researchers and community researchers keen to learn more about research in social entrepreneurship, design thinking and social innovation.

Past Events

Information about the 2018-19 series:  

  • “Tales from the Field” in 9/12 2018 featured doctoral students Maille Faughnan and Jeanne Firth sharing findings from their research on design thinking update in Kenya and food system philanthropy in New Orleans. Downloadtheir slides and notes from the 9/12/18 event. 

View the 2015 Social Innovation Symposium program here.

Social Innovation Symposium

Discovering Social Innovation through Engaged Scholarship was a research symposium led by graduate students and supported by the Taylor Center.  The event invites graduate students, post-graduate researchers, faculty, and independent researchers from any academic discipline and epistemological standpoint to join in a co-learning journey to network across disciplines, enhance skills, and shape the priorities in the field.

Our aim is to discover the field of social innovation and novel solutions to social problems that are “more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals” (Phills, Deiglmeier and Miller, 2008). We match the symposium with a New Day Speaker who kickstarts the event with a public lecture on a social innovation topic.

We aim for a collaborative, engaged experience to promote scholarship and offer different formats for participating:

  • Advanced Research: dissertations, post-doctoral and faculty research from any discipline in formal, facilitated, curated panel presentations organized by theme.
  • Early Stage Research Round-tables: Present your research proposals, concept notes, and preliminary findings in an informal session to get constructive feedback and develop a scholarly community of practice.
  • Skills Workshops: Attend practical workshops in research methods (positivist, social constructivist, evaluation) to advance your toolkit. Join in a hands-on design-thinking activity to bring innovation into your scholarship and research practice.
  • Networking: Flexible, faster-paced, participatory, and asynchronous platforms to share ideas and stimulate scholarly matchmaking.

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