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Scientific Advisor, Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge
Chief Scientific Officer, Covington Civil and Environmental

Robert “Robbie” Kröger is the Technical Advisor to Tulane University for the Nitrogen Reduction Challenge. Dr. Kröger is the Chief Scientific Officer for Covington Civil and Environmental and is currently one of the lead scientists for the MS Coastal Restoration Team in charge of science strategy for coastal restoration in lieu of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Prior to Covington, Robbie spent nine months serving as the Science Coordinator for the RESTORE Council serving as the science liaison and standing up the science component of the Gulf wide restoration strategy. Robbie also served as a professor at Mississippi State University for six years, where he established himself as one of the nation’s lead researchers and extension specialists in water quality improvement in agriculture. He has engaged multiple state and federal agencies, and NGO organizations up and down the MS River Basin, at multiple administrative levels. Robbie understands agriculture, the forces driving conservation implementation, and the understanding of how the two systems integrate to the benefit of both.

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