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sunshine best
Design Thinking Gumbo: Games for Social Change with Sunshine Best
December 10, 2021, 11:00 AM

The workshop will touch on principles from BlackSpace Manifesto and its application to traditional institutions. The audience will learn tools to use when navigating how to think differently in the context of post-colonial systems and taking action to create spaces that consider broader points of view.

About the Host

Sunshine Best is a fiercely driven, entrepreneurial-minded professional who effortlessly wears more hats than most could imagine. A scientist, disruptor of unjust systems, protector of the undefended, Ethnobotanist, and Public Health IT innovator.

The Barbados-born Toronto native earned a degree in Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Chicago before self-funding a two-year globe-trotting odyssey through work on regional farms and as a chef. Previously, an Ethnobotanist studied Health & Wellness (via Applied Historical Ecology and Medicinal Anthropology) in New Orleans, with a focus on knowledge systems as they specifically relate to traditional plant knowledge. Best is a recent graduate of Environmental and Occupational Health as well as Translational Science..


About the Series

Design Thinking (DT) Gumbo is a series of one-hour workshops on a variety of methods that can be used in design research.

  • Each workshop will introduce a method, share examples of its use in other settings, and include space for participants to practice the method together.
  • Think of these methods as ingredients to make your design thinking work much more rich and flavorful. Try out the different ingredients and see which ones appeal the most to your palate.
  • This semester all of our method workshops will focus on understanding people’s experience of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • DT Gumbo is a project of the design thinking program of the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking at Tulane University.
  • All workshops are co-facilitated by Chris Daemmrich and a Taylor Center Design Thinking Graduate Assistant.
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