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Changemaking with First-Year Students

In partnership with Tulane Housing and Residence Life, Taylor oversees changemaker programming in the Changemaker Residential Learning Community.

What is the Changemaker RLC?

  • Tulane Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are immersive spaces in a residence hall where students live together to learn about and participate in activities centered around a theme.
  • The Changemaker Residential Learning Community inspires students to attain a changemaker mindset using tools such as empathy, optimism, questioning, and observation.
  • Through increased self-reflection, campus and community awareness, and purposeful action, residents learn how to apply creative, imaginative, iterative design approaches to understand problems on campus and in their own communities.  
  • Over the course of the year, residents will apply various skills and mindsets to become more effective Changemakers: People who use their skills, humility, expertise, gifts, and power to affirm the humanity of all people in the pursuit of a more just, sustainable, and equitable society. 

What do Changemaker RLC Residents Do?

Throughout the year, Changemaker residents:  

  • Engage campus challenges with empathy and an apprenticeship mindset 
  • Gain insights from observing and speaking with people from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Experience a bias to action mindset to counteract “analysis paralysis.” 
  • Explore ways to be more creative. 
  • Work collaboratively with classmates and residents. 
  • Reflect on how their academic interests, personal passions, and career aspirations align to make a difference in the world. 
  • Engage and communicate more effectively across difference.

More Resources:

  • All Changemaker Residents are encouraged to apply for funding and participate in programming from Taylor.
  • First-year students must sign up for TIDES courses that are offered in their residence hall and curated specifically for budding changemakers on campus.
  • See the 2019-2020 tentative schedule for more information on what we’ve done.


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