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Life Design Teaching And Training Opportunity For Tulane Staff & Faculty

Life Design Teaching and Training Opportunity for Tulane Staff & Faculty

New Life Design Teaching and Training Opportunity

The Taylor Center and School of Architecture recently announced an exciting opportunity for staff and faculty at Tulane to learn about and potentially teach life design courses at Tulane over the next few years, including both Taylor Your Life and Taylor Your Tulane.

Beginning in Spring 2022, interested Tulane staff or faculty will “apprentice” with a seasoned instructor for a semester by serving as a co-instructor in one section of a life design course. 

Anyone that participates in the apprentice opportunity would be able to incorporate the life design curriculum into their programming or work, whether or not they teach a life design class. While a few slots will be open in Spring 2022, this initiative is meant to build a pipeline of interested staff and faculty on campus. ​

By engaging in this onboarding process, participants would learn human-centered design career coaching methods, experience the curriculum first-hand, gain access to an extensive library of life design teaching tools to use inside and outside of the classroom, join a community of instructors from across campus, and become part of Tulane’s nationally recognized life design teaching team.

What does it mean to be a Co-Instructor? ​

  • Co-instructors would be expected to attend all class sessions and meet regularly with the lead instructor, who would determine to what extent the co-instructor would assist with grading, facilitation, and prep.
  • Participants would receive co-instructor pay for their apprenticeship semester ($1,000 for 1 credit TYT class or $2,000 for 2 credit TYL class). 
  • After completing an apprentice semester, participants would become eligible to teach any open section in future semesters (the number of sections offered depends on student demand, so it is not guaranteed that participants would be able to teach every semester moving forward, but would become part of the pipeline of instructors teaching life design at Tulane).
  • Participants are also able and welcome to incorporate life design content and/or activities into other aspects of their work on campus (programming, advising, mentoring, etc.)


  • All life design instructors must have a master’s degree.
  • We are seeking instructors with:
    • An interest in changemaking career education, helping students align their academic interests with a desire to contribute to social or environmental challenges they care about
    • Prior knowledge or experience in the field(s) of career education, advising, social impact/community engagement, and/or design thinking
    • Working knowledge of career education and/or campus cultures, departments, student organizations, and other resources relevant to wayfinding at Tulane and beyond
    • Prior ​engaged teaching and/or ​dynamic facilitation experience
    • Strong public speaking and communication skills
    • Empathy and relationship-nurturing skills

Learn more about our approach to Life Design

Interested staff and faculty are invited to fill out the Life Design Instructor Application. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for Spring 2022 and future semesters. 

Interested in the insider view? Contact a current life design instructor: 

  • Abigail Lukens, Career Advisor, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine,
  • Cynthia Washington, Senior Student and Employer Advisor for Tulane’s School of Professional Advancement,
  • Erin Banks, Associate Athletic Director for NCAA compliance,
  • Daniel Jacobs, Assistant Director of Academic Services,
  • Jada Buckner, Associate Director, NCAA Compliance & Academic Certification Officer for Athletics,
  • Kayla Smith, Academic and Career Advisor,
  • Samantha Fleurinor, Program Manager, Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking,
  • Shaina Spector, Assistant Director and Senior Academic and Career Advisor,
  • Tiye Jones, Program Manager of Academic Community Engagement, Center for Public Service,
  • Tomika Smith, Associate Director of Academic Equity at Tulane,
  • Wendy LeBlanc, Assistant Director & Senior Academic Learning Specialist,


For any questions related to this new onboarding initiative, please contact Professor of Practice & Associate Director of Career Education and Life Design, Julia Lang, at 

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