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Bedsheet Project Provokes Sexual Violence Dialogue

Bedsheet Project provokes sexual violence dialogue

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The Tulane Hullabaloo covered a Project IX student led initiative, the Bedsheet Project, which aims to initiate discussions about sexual assault. 

By Fiona Grathwohl.

Next week, students from every sphere of Tulane will be invited to participate in the Bedsheet Project, an initiative to start dialogue surrounding sexual violence on campus.

The Bedsheet Project will allow students to write on, or even cut, bedsheets with any comments, questions or feelings about sexual violence on campus.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Project IX Dialogue Team. Project IX is a team of students creating initiatives to prevent sexual violence in the Tulane community. The project is split up into four teams: education, justice, community and dialogue, with the dialogue team aiming to get students thinking and talking about what consent looks like and how to build a safer community.

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