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IGNITE connects first-year students to people, resources, and opportunities to help them become agents of change at Tulane, in New Orleans, and around the world. This four-day pre-orientation experience encourages students to catalyze their leadership potential, learn from local community leaders, and build skills to create positive social change as a college student – all while discovering local cultural gems and enjoying the amazing food and music in New Orleans.

IGNITE provides students with an introduction to some of the social issues they will see in New Orleans during their college experience, and it also provides a series of mindsets, skills, tools, and resources to address social change. By the end of the week, students are empowered to choose their own changemaker paths and access campus resources to create positive social change.



The week includes a variety of leadership development, learning tours, and direct community engagement. During the week, students experience:

  • Camaraderie with fellow incoming students that have a passion for engaging in the community;
  • Mentorship from upper-class students who have already begun to create change on campus and in the community;
  • Guidance from Tulane staff members with personal and professional expertise in social justice, community engagement, and social innovation; and
  • Connection to community partners that model effective ways to create positive social change in New Orleans.

Get ready for:

  • Full days of fun, community engagement, and learning! 7 am-11 pm;
  • Community service such as outdoor gardening in NOLA;
  • Walking tours in different neighborhoods across the city;
  • Delicious meals from amazing NOLA restaurants.

Participants have said:

I was already passionate about service, but now I am passionate about service in New Orleans.

I loved my OCs and getting to know the geography of New Orleans.

The entire week gave me great perspective of life outside Tulane. I feel very lucky to have been able to witness just a little bit of the true New Orleans.

I am so glad I did IGNITE!! I made so many new friends and explored so much of the New Orleans community that I never would have seen on my own! It was great to move in early and make new friends before school started! I would definitely recommend this to any incoming students!!

The friends I made on this program were amazing and the opportunities that were presented to us were incredible. 

Ignite is supported by the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs, the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, the Center for Public Service, Newcomb College Institute, NOLA Wesley Foundation, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the Murphy Institute.


First-year students can apply for the program through the Office of Orientation & Parent Programs and stay up to date on our IGNITE Facebook page.

For more information contact Rebecca Otten.

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