Grupo Opni and Changemaker RLC

In partnership with Tulane Housing and Residence Life (HRL), Taylor oversees changemaker programming in the Changemaker Residential Learning Community (RLC). The Changemaker Residential Learning Community inspires students to use methods and mindsets of human centered design for social impact. Residents learn how to apply creative, imaginative, iterative design approaches to generate fresh and relevant solutions to real problems on campus and in their own communities.

Throughout the year, Changemaker residents will:

  • Engage campus challenges with empathy and an “apprenticeship mindset”.
  • Gain insights from observing and speaking with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Experience a “bias to action” mindset to counteract “analysis paralysis.”
  • Reflect on how their academic interests, personal passions, and career aspirations align to make a difference in the world.

All Changemaker Residents are encouraged to apply for funding and participate in programming from Taylor. Upperclass Changemaker Residents will be well-positioned for paid student leadership opportunities such as the Taylor Student Fellowship.

First-year students must sign up for TIDES courses that are offered in their residence hall and curated specifically for budding changemakers on campus.


2017 - 2018 Changemakers in Residence

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Students can apply to live in the Changemaker RLC through Housing and Residence Life.

For more information contact Samantha Fleurinor.

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