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Taylor dissolves boundaries and inspires collaboration between students, staff, faculty, and community members to develop innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social and environmental problems. The Center coalesces campus and community engagement in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking, providing a unique interdisciplinary intersection of thought and action on our campus and in our local and global community.


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Taylor provides programming for Tulane students, faculty, and staff as well as the community. Student programs consist of for-credit academic opportunities and co-curricular organizations, competitions, and fellowships.


Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Minor

The interdisciplinary SISE minor prepares students to use solutions-oriented thinking, integrate theory and practice, & better understand and create new models of social change.

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Professors in Social Entrepreneurship

Professors in Social Entrepreneurship teach, develop a research or practice agenda, and inform programming and initiatives in social innovation & social entrepreneurship. They represent a range of academic disciplines spanning the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

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Social Innovation Symposium

The SI Symposium invites graduate students, post-graduate researchers, faculty, and independent researchers from any academic discipline and epistemological standpoint to network across disciplines, enhance skills, and shape research priorities in the field of social innovation.

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Taylor Fellows Expert-in-Residence

Taylor Fellows are scholars and practitioners in social innovation and design thinking that spend extensive time on campus presenting in classes, engaging in programs and workshops, and mentoring students, staff and faculty members.

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Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking Mindset Workshops helps students, staff, and faculty learn and practice specific ways of being that are central to the design thinking process, while the crash course takes participants through a compressed design thinking cycle.

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Work on Purpose Workshops

The Work on Purpose workshop curriculum leverages life and work lessons from Echoing Green’s social entrepreneurship fellows to provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place, in a way that is uniquely right for them.

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Fast 48 Design Thinking Bootcamp

Fast 48 is an immersive, weekend-long bootcamp experience to convey practical skills in human-centered design and related tools for graduate students, staff, faculty, and community members who are tackling complex social challenges of poverty, poor health, financial exclusion, pollution, and more.

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Changemaker Institute Accelerator

The Changemaker Institute is a student-led venture accelerator that helps students transform their ideas for social change into sustainable ventures and potential careers.

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Ignite: Community, Creativity, Change

Ignite is a pre-orientation program that connects first-year students to people, resources, and opportunities to help them become agents of change at Tulane, in New Orleans, and around the world.

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Student Organizations

The Taylor Center advises and supports many student organizations, groups, and ventures that help students develop their skills as changemakers.

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NewDay Speaker Series

The NewDay Speakers Series presents prominent leaders from across the fields of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking to share their own experiences, challenges, insights, thoughts, and recommendations to the Tulane and New Orleans community.

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Taylor Student Fellows

Taylor Center Student Fellows work closely with the Taylor Center faculty and staff to engage Tulane students in academic and co-curricular activities in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking.

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Gain real world experience through an intensive social innovation and/or social entrepreneurship public service internship.

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Grand Prize $1,000,000

Open to all ventures globally that are developing technical, market-based solutions to combat hypoxia, a deadly deficiency of oxygen in water created by the excessive growth of phytoplankton. This international competition that will award $1 million to the entrepreneur, researcher, or inventor with the best plan to reduce the amount of nutrients entering the world’s lakes, rivers, and oceans through storm water runoff and ultimately reduce the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.


Up to $20,000

Open to all undergraduate and graduate Tulane University students dedicated to finding innovative, sustainable solutions to social challenges affecting New Orleans.


Up to $2,500

Open to all undergraduate and graduate Tulane University students that are pursuing a social venture idea. 


Up to $1,500

Open to all undergraduate and graduate Tulane University students interested in pursuing careers related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and changemaking.


TAYLOR connects organizations and people across campus and across the nation.