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Co-creating Futures with Namibian Youth



The increasing calls to design inclusive futures require everyone to listen to the voices at the margins. However, in contexts where the marginalised voices are still undermined on their abilities to design their imagined futures, may require a strong need for agency and to address the uncomfortable issues of (post)-colonialism. Here, I present a project in which we worked with Namibian youth to show collaborative efforts in futures making through an interactive exhibition. The exhibition also served the purpose of showing the importance of the historical past and present in designing futures. I argue that, by inviting the general public to listen to the youth’s voices and by engaging in meaningful discussion, lies the potential of realising what the future could be.

Namibian youth, futures, Interactive exhibition.

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About the Author

Asnath Paula Kambunga Is a Namibian PhD student at Aarhus University, in the department of Digital Design and Information Studies. Her research interest is in working with youth communities and collaborative explorations of futures making. She works with participatory and design anthropological modes of research. In her PhD project, she is looking into memories of colonialism present in Namibian youth everyday lives, how such memories are presented and how they are affecting the youth identities.

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