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UDF’s Social Innovation Lab: decentralizing knowledge to co-design solutions
Laboratório de inovação social do UDF: descentralizando saberes para co-desenhar soluções

CARDOSO Gabriel Fernandes
Professor. Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Education and Social Innovation Programs at UDF University Center. Brasília, Brazil

SANTANA Ana Carolina
Professor. Coordinator of Architecture and Urbanism, and Interior Design undergraduate degrees at UDF University Center. Brasília, Brazil.



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The UDF University Center, faced with the crisis that Brazilian education is going through, and now, especially, the new seas that we will sail after Covid-19, understands that it needs to continually show the relevance and relevance of its teaching, outreach, research practices, linking them to regional and national development and ensuring that their students are the leaders that Brazilian society needs. If on the one hand there is an educational crisis and an opportunity for improvement, on the other side there is a society that needs new proposals for the solution of increasingly volatile, complex, ambiguous, uncertain and exponential problems, demands and challenges. The purpose of this presentation will therefore be to present and explore the process of conceiving, implementing and learning the UP Social UDF: a social innovation laboratory. It is a space dedicated to making creative, intersectoral, decentralized and interdisciplinary decisions that contribute to facing and solving public, social and environmental problems, challenges and demands in the region of the Federal District and its surroundings. Among the principles behind UP Social UDF is the idea of repositioning the university, taking it away from the central and superior role it plays in the imagination of Brazilian culture, thus integrating it into the great social and cultural web as an important, proactive and relevant actor co-designing solutions to common social and environmental challenges.

social innovation; co-design; social design; outreach

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About the Author(s)

Gabriel Fernandes Cardoso was born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil. An academic intrapreneur, educator, husband and citizen, genuinely believe that learning, entrepreneurship and social impact are among the primary vectors for improving the well-being and quality of life of people and communities and that is why he has chosen to work professionally in such fields. Currently, coordinates the Programs of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Innovation at the UDF plus the graduate program in Impact, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. A member of The ICE Academy Program board and an academic advisor at The Enactus Global Faculty Research Network. Gabriel has a master’s degree in Education (Unicid – São Paulo); a 21st Century Educator (TAMK – Finland); and a bachelor’s degree in Management. He has a particular interest in the fields of: social entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship education; academic and pedagogical innovation; social innovation; social responsibility; and future of education.

Ana Carolina Santana is an architect, mother, enthusiast of cities, people and design, with experience in the area of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism. PhD student in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Brasília (UnB) and researcher at the Laboratory of Sustainability Applied to Architecture and Urbanism – 2 LaSUS / UnB, since 2010. Coordinator of the Architecture and Urbanism and Interior Design courses at the University Center of the Federal District (UDF) since 2018. Coordinator of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Academic Innovation – Conecta / UDF. Works in an interdisciplinary way on the following themes: urban acoustics, soundscape, sustainable development, bioclimatism, environmental performance of public and private spaces, renewable energies, energy efficiency of buildings and urban heat islands

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