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Shaymaa Abdalal, MBBS, MHTM is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, working in population-based research focus on border malaria in an elimination setting.  Her dissertation research looks at the relationship of malaria and migrant, and border land residents in The Saudi Yemeni Border.

She Joined the CEA (Community Engagement Advocate) program this May at Tulane facilitating dialogue around equity, race, and Social Justice. This summer she was leading a team of four Tulane Graduate students in the Pass Dat Joy project delivering a family art tool kit and wellness material to families under the supervision of Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel.

She began her involvement with Taylor Center when she attended the Changemaker Institute, and used a social innovation approach and design thinking methods to try to apply to her research with the Mobile and Migrant population in conflict zones. She also received a Taylor Center Alvarez award which helped her to apply a social innovation approach and design thinking methods to her research by conducting virtual learning workshops for migrants and overseeing her research remotely in Jazan rural villages.

Her academic interests focus on tropical medicine, particularly as it relates to Malaria in Mobile and Migrant populations at international border areas.

She also applied her entrepreneurship skill in founding a children’s creativity center in Jeddah Saudi Arabia with her partner. That center provides creative space and process art to promote balanced children growth. was able to move the business virtually with COVID-19 pandemic. She has received multiple awards and a full scholarship from the ministry of education at Saudi Arabia for a masters and Ph.D. in tropical medicine.

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