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Man wearing a white shirting, sitting on a chair in front of a blue wall.

Max Esperance has a BS in Economics and Minor in Business Analytics from Florida State University. He is currently working on a Masters in Business Analytics from Tulane University.

He is originally from Haiti but moved to the United States at a very young age. His parents always preached to him the value of education and knowledge. He has 3 siblings who he loves dearly. He would describe himself as a hard worker, honest, determined, and someone who is not afraid of a challenge. He has the utmost belief in himself and his abilities so will never be short of confidence, but at the same time, has a humility that allows others around him to flourish and be assured of themselves.

He plans on getting a Ph.D. at some point in the future. He is skilled in Pattern Recognition and Data Science. Microsoft Office, Python, R-Studio, Orange, and Tableau Data mining software.

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