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Allison Schiller joined the faculty of the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking in 2014. As an instructor in design thinking at Taylor, Schiller brings her experience in architecture, design practice and theory, to teach students and organizations how to discover, explore, and develop user-centric solutions to complex challenges. Schiller facilitates conversations, workshops and creative strategic planning, bringing design research, collaboration and optimism to diverse topics such as campus sexual assault, organizational growth, organizational evaluation, digital equity and disaster preparedness.

Schiller teaches human-centered design methods and mindsets to Tulane students as part of the core curriculum for the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) minor. In order to build a project-based learning experience, Schiller establishes partnerships with community or campus organizations to increase learning outcomes and foster collaboration and synergies between Tulane students and actual clients.

Allison Schiller received a B.A. in film studies and creative writing from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She spent her junior year studying film history and production in Florence, Italy, later working in film production and post-production in San Francisco, Austin, and New York. In 2008, Allison moved to New Orleans where she worked for a year in the Tulane University Architect’s Office. While earning her master’s degree in architecture from the Tulane School of Architecture, Schiller spent two semesters working on design/build projects, including the award-winning Grow Dat Youth Farm project. This experience deepened Schiller’s commitment to public interest design and inspired her to come back to Tulane and teach design thinking for social impact at Taylor.

2018-2019 Courses: 

SISE 3010 Design Thinking for Collective Impact,

SISE 6020 Senior Practicum

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