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Aly Greengrass smiling in front of the windows of the Tulane Commons building.

Alexandra Greengrass is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Management. With her interest in environmental justice and love for facilitating open dialogue, Greengrass hopes to cultivate, through her Taylor fellowship, the necessary skills to be the best community advocate she can be. Currently, Greengrass is involved in Food Justice Advocates as Treasurer, USG Sustainability Committee, Green Club, and Solitary Gardens in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. Through her fellowship, Greengrass hopes to gain insight into business and communications operations, and better her marketing skills.

Greengrass first discovered Taylor programming as a participant in the 2018 Changemaker Institute, where she gained an interest in the fields of written and digital communication as an effective tool to bring about social change. She then continued to foster her newfound interests through the lens of design thinking and social innovation in Osakikamijima, Japan this past summer, where she was able to work side-by-side with locals to analyze how these concepts could be utilized to bring both international and Japanese students to the island for higher education. Greengrass is looking forward to working as a TIDES Peer Mentor and Taylor Fellow this coming school year, where in both positions she will have the opportunity to work closely with community members, and help share with other students the importance of Taylor values in career development and every day life.

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