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Nitrogen Challenge Farm

For media inquiries related to the Tulane University Nitrogen Reduction Challenge, please contact Tulane University Public Relations Associate Director Keith Brannon: or 504.862.8789.


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Award Event

Adapt-N was awarded the $1m Grand Prize on December 14th, 2017. Challenge administrators, the Finalist Teams, and community partners gathered at the Tulane River & Coastal Center to celebrate the innovative agricultural leaders in the industry and the completion of the $1m Challenge.


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The Top Finalist Teams met at Somerset Plantation on August 17-19 for Harvest. The weather was not kind, but the Teams made the best of the rainy weather by speaking with the Tulane University PR crew. By Day 3 of Harvest, the weather cooperated and all Team’s plots were harvested. Plot yield is a critical component of evaluating the Teams & the final Winner – but is just one of many variables Teams will be measured by to determine who can best address nitrogen runoff and thus the Dead Zone. Phase 2 will be concluded in December with the announcement of a $1 million winner.

Upcoming Events

News + Blog

2017 Team Summit

The Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge hosted a 2017 Team Summit in New Orleans January 10th-January 12th. The first day of the Team Summit was hosted in the Design Thinking Classroom at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation & Design Thinking at Tulane University. The full-day Summit was split into a morning public conference followed by a networking luncheon. The public morning conference constituted a comprehensive agenda that included guest speakers from various partner organizations, as well as brief presentations showcasing each of the Top Finalist innovations.

During the public morning conference, guest speakers discussed water challenges relevant to the project and Gulf of Mexico. These esteemed individuals included:

  • Mark S. Davis, JD, MLT – Director, Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy, Tulane University
  • Danny Weigand, PE – US Environmental Protection Agency, Gulf of Mexico Program

In addition to the above speakers, the public portion of the Summit accepted an impressive audience and received distinguished individuals that contributed tremendously to the conversation and overall Challenge objectives.

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