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The Community Innovators Circle presents a unique opportunity to engage a small, strategic cohort of innovative community organizations with students participating in social innovation and social entrepreneurship programming at Tulane University. Community partners selected for the Innovator’s Circle will commit to sharing their expertise with Tulane students through experiential learning opportunities, thereby providing more meaningful community engagement that is cultivated over a student’s academic career rather just one semester.

Selected community partners receive: 

  • Access to highly motivated student volunteers and interns that progressively develop skills focused on increasing social impact and financial sustainability,
  • Membership in a cohort of community partners that are creating ethical,sustainable, and scalable solutions to pressing social problems in New Orleans, and
  • Funding to support expenses related to teaching and facilitating student learning.
Tulane students involved in social innovation and social entrepreneurship programming receive:
  • Deeper and more meaningful service-learning opportunities through the SISE Minor,
  • Formal internship placements in social enterprises and innovative non-profit organizations, a key unmet need voiced by current students, and
  • Mentors that can share personal insights related to the skills and experiences students will need as they pursue careers that are right for them and good for the world.

Through the Community Innovators Circle, Tulane is investing in a strategic cohort of community organizations that are using innovative strategies to deepen and scale their social impact. These organizations can act as a community board for the Taylor Center’s work, developing an institutional listening model that maintains Tulane’s position at the cutting edge of social innovation in higher education. When Tulane invests in its community partners, the benefits to our students are evident through both deepening engagement and sustaining that engagement over multiple semesters.

Partners in the News

Need more information?

Read about Taylor’s inaugural event with Grow Dat for Community Innovator’s Circle.

For more information contact Rebecca Otten.

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