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Request For Proposals: Marketing Consultant

Request for Proposals: Marketing Consultant


The Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking cultivates a diverse network of changemakers who are working and learning together to create a more just and equitable society. Our programs are grounded in the teaching, research, and practice of social innovation and design thinking.

We are guided by our values:

RESPECT: We are committed to equity and recognize humility and empathy as cornerstones of effective and ethical engagement with others

CONNECTION: We see innovation as a social act that is grounded in the relationships between people across difference.

LEARNING: We practice persistent curiosity and recognize that everyone has knowledge to gain and share.

CREATIVITY: We are committed to being open and at times uncomfortable as we seek out the unexpected in imagining a better world.

The Taylor Center was founded in 2014, growing from social innovation initiatives started in 2009 and an undergraduate minor in social innovation & social entrepreneurship launched in 2012. The Taylor Center underwent a 3-year strategic planning process in 2017, during which evaluation was identified as a key organizational capacity goal. We are also currently re-envisioning our relationship with the undergraduate minor, which is administered through the School of Architecture. While we anticipate that Taylor faculty will continue teaching in the SISE program, we also expect the School of Architecture to build more internal resources for the academic program.

The Taylor Center team has been able to adequately manage fiscal operations and account to the University administration and our current donors. We are currently seeking to develop an evaluation process that can assess programming outcomes, guide internal decision-making, and account to external stakeholders such as campus/community partners and future prospective donors.

Goals & Scope

The Taylor Center has undergone significant growth over the past few years and has strategically refined our core programs, research agenda, and special projects to better align with our mission.  Because our work spans across various audiences, we have identified a need to distill our messaging and develop new strategies to engage the broader changemaking community.  We are seeking a creative storyteller that can help us reimagine how we share the impact of our work. 

 We anticipate the support of a consultant with previous experience in an academic and/or educational settings and broad knowledge of social innovation and design thinking principles.  

We anticipate the following deliverables of the engagement:  

  1. Conduct research on the Center’s current marketing efforts and identify our strengths and new opportunities to showcase our programs, research, and projects.  
  2. A comprehensive profile of our current and potential constituents. 
  3. Create branded messages and content in the form of blog post, newsletters, and social media campaigns for our various multifaceted audiences (students, community changemakers, researchers, and donors).  
  4. A framework for implementation of ongoing marketing efforts with clear measures of success. 

 More specifically, we request that consultant(s) develop the following items: 

  • Flexible marketing and communication strategy for the 2022-2023 academic year 
  •  Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 weekly content calendar 
  • Monthly content themes and a template of suggested weekly marketing tactics using existing platforms. 
  • Support in creating a plan to seamlessly transition marketing efforts to in-house staff. 

Project Timeline & Deliverables

Applications open Feb 21st and we will accept submissions through March 25th, 2022; aiming to conduct interviews March 31st – April 1st and select the consultant(s) no later than April 11th. Although the design and implementation timeline is currently flexible and open to discussion with the selected consultant(s), the project will begin in early May and continue through September 2022.   

Proposal Requirements & Budget

Proposals should be submitted to and include: 

  1. A cover letter, CV that explains the individual and/or team’s background and qualifications 
  2. A proposal detailing your approach to the scope of work  including plan and details on nu 
  3. A budget detailing what could be accomplished with $9,000 
  4. Three references that can speak directly to your expertise  

Evaluation Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated by the program lead and the center’s Co-Directors (Lavonzell Nicholson and Rebecca Otten). Evaluators will assess each proposal using the following criteria:

  1. Qualifications of the consultant and/or team.
  2. Relevant experience in higher education and/or educational programs.
  3. Relevant experience in Taylor’s areas of work (design thinking, systems thinking, and/or social innovation).
  4. Demonstrated understanding of the project scope


Questions can be directed to Rebecca Otten, Director of Strategy and Engagement ( and Lavonzell Nicholson, Director of Finance and Operations ( 





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