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Hullaballoo Article: “Tulane Offers Innovative Courses For Spring 2018 Semester”

Hullaballoo Article: “Tulane offers innovative courses for Spring 2018 semester”

TAYLOR Your Life has recently been highlighted in The Tulane Hullabaloo’s article “Tulane offers innovative courses for Spring 2018 semester“.

Another distinct class offered is SISE-4820-01 “TAYLOR Your Life” taught by Professor Julia Lang. TAYLOR Your Life is an eight-week career development program that aids students in planning their life course.

The curriculum involves applying methods and mindsets of design thinking (human-centered design) to career development. According to the TAYLOR website, participants in the program clarify their interests, prototype and test elements of careers, learn how to market themselves and network with other changemakers around the world.

“This class not only helps students figure out how to best navigate their Tulane experience and their life after graduation, but also provides the framework and scaffolding for them to continue to prototype and test their life for decades to come, thereby creating and living a well-designed life services both the individual and tackles some of our world’s most pressing social issues,” Lang said.


About Life Design at the Taylor Center

Created by Julia Lang, Taylor life design courses teach students to “TAYLOR” their life through the application of methods and mindsets of design thinking (human-centered design) to career development. Taylor Center life design instructors come from varied academic backgrounds and teach students from every school at Tulane. To learn more about the Taylor Center’s approach to life design education, read Julia Lang’s Ten Frameworks of Life Design Education.

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