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Taylor Student Showcase Features Budding Social Entrepreneurs

Taylor Student Showcase Features Budding Social Entrepreneurs

An intentional living community where homeless youth in New Orleans have a safe place to live, learn and work.

A community gardening project that aims to alleviate the mental health burden and malnutrition of shelter populations.

A smartphone photography program that offers New Orleans youth a safe space to articulate difficult emotions through creative self expression, thereby improving mental health, self esteem and healthy communication skills.

The ideas above are just three of fourteen unique social ventures pitched at the Taylor Student Showcase, a culminating night for students graduating from Taylor’s Changemaker Institute (CI) social venture accelerator. As part of the Showcase, Taylor also awarded $32,705 in funding to 35 Tulane undergraduate and graduate students via the Changemaker Catalyst Award (funding to engage in diverse experiential learning opportunities), The Alvarez Spark Innovation Award (funding to prototype or test innovative ideas), and the NewDay Challenge (seed funding to launch social ventures).

Live pitches from CI graduates (ranging from freshman to a PhD student) at the Showcase spanned fields of education reform, food justice, charitable efficacy, urban sustainability, healthcare, and cultural and creative exchange. Students shared their learning and growth throughout CI, a social venture accelerator that equips students with the entrepreneurial skills to hone their social venture ideas and develop a roadmap to transform their ideas into an ethical, sustainable, scalable solutions.

A unique accelerator program, CI focuses not only on launching successful ventures, but on equipping students with the tools to more deeply understand the challenges they are addressing and become more aware of local partners, champions, and allies tackling those same challenges, thereby developing community partnerships and building “intrapreneurial” capacity while honestly assessing if their venture is needed or wanted by the community, or already exists in another form. CI thereby measures it success not only in launching successful ventures, but also in the journey of learning, failing, iterating, and joining forces with other local change agents.

During the pitches, audience members were encouraged to provide feedback on stick notes that were later hung up large “Feedback Capture Grids” on the walls, one per venture, with four quadrants representing elements one liked or found notable, constructive criticism, questions, and ideas moving forward.

Tulane is honored as an Ashoka U “Changemaker Campus,” and as CI graduates completed their pitches and 35 students spanning multiple disciplines and schools received their awards, the full stage of student changemakers was a powerful reminder of how Tulane students’ collective energy, passion and drive is creating positive change on our campus and in our local and global community.

Click here to see more photos from the event.

2015/2016 Award Recipients

NewDay Challenge Collin McCadden Seed funding for One Percent for NOLA, which leverages the charitable capacity of local businesses to empower local non profits
Alvarez Spark Award Anne Freitas Funding for a pilot project with Women with a Vision that will work with formerly incarcerated women on a reentry education clinic
Alvarez Spark Award Sydney Gray Incorporating SISE concepts & Mama Maji organization into Business TIDES courswork
Alvarez Spark Award Ethan Levy Funding to test the technological platform for FailUp, an online social network for students to collaborate and build entrepreneurial projects and startups.
Alvarez Spark Award Jessica Liddell Enhancing a Needle Exchange program in New Orleans through providing biohazard containers to super-users
Alvarez Spark Award Edward Narea Providing education and housing services to the homeless population through the public library system
Alvarez Spark Award Elisabeth Perez Seed funding for ReFOCUS, a 12 week curriculum for adolescents that teaches basic photography skills, and explores elements of self-expression and storytelling
Alvarez Spark Award Rebecca Solomon Funding to trademark Acrodemics, a program that brigs a movement­-based enrichment program with personalized, small­group instruction to underserved New Orleans schools.
Changemaker Catalyst Award Ruth Aitken Lend for America Summit, Local entrepreneurship trainings to support work with Fund17
Changemaker Catalyst Award Chloe Arnow Local entrepreneurship trainings to support work with Fund17
Changemaker Catalyst Award Lillian Bacon Funding to participate in Social Entrepreneurship Corps, an experiential internship program in social innovation and microconsignment
Changemaker Catalyst Award Anna Bauman Attending Public Leadership Education Network Conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Braham Berg Attend AIAS Forum
Changemaker Catalyst Award Sunshine Best Funding to attend an ethnobotany conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Anne Bevis Funding to attend a job fair for Venture for America, a two-year fellowship with a startup organization
Changemaker Catalyst Award Claire Brown Funding to attend Lend for America Summit, a local entrepreneurship trainings to support work with Fund17
Changemaker Catalyst Award Grace Cammack Program Director Internship with Fund 17
Changemaker Catalyst Award Praveena Fernes Funding to support an internship with Rogosin Institute in NYC
Changemaker Catalyst Award Juan Fernando Gomez Funding to attend Harvard Illuminate Conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Courtney Hall Attending Unite for Sight Global Health and Innovation Summit
Changemaker Catalyst Award Anne Heinrichs Funding to attend StartingBloc, a 5-day institute on leadership in social innovation
Changemaker Catalyst Award Hannah Horowitz Funding to attend Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminar
Changemaker Catalyst Award Suzi Kondic Funding to attend SOCAP15 Conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Jourdan Lee Funding to attend St Martin service-learning program
Changemaker Catalyst Award Katie Lentz Funding to attend a sport innovation conference in line with her SISE Minor culminating project
Changemaker Catalyst Award Emma Lisec Funding to coordinate informational interviews with social innovation organizations in San Francisco
Changemaker Catalyst Award Xiaoxiao Ma Funding to attend Harvard Illuminate Conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Agatha Magierski Funding to participate in an internship with Emzingo, a social innovation experiential learning program
Changemaker Catalyst Award Heather Milton Funding to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University, a social innovation and sustainable development conference for students
Changemaker Catalyst Award Miranda Pollock Funding to attend a conference on film production & analysis
Changemaker Catalyst Award Sonia Rao Funding to attend a biotech industry conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Yair Sarfaty Funding to attend Harvard Illuminate Conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Zeynep Sheikh Local entrepreneurship trainings to support work with Fund17
Changemaker Catalyst Award Sonita Singh Funding to attend an information communication technology conference
Changemaker Catalyst Award Rebecca Solomon Receiving certification training to teach child yoga
Changemaker Catalyst Award Nikki Stoumen Internship with Immigration and Refugee Services at Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans


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