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Makerspace Internship Available

Immerse yourself in the New Orleans maker community and find your home within the burgeoning maker movement! Interning in a makerspace is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and learn a wide variety of valuable skills. As a makerspace tech at IDIYA, you can apply design thinking and problem solving techniques to a variety of challenges related to 3d printing, laser cutting, woodworking, cnc milling, garment printing, drafting, and product development.

This is an excellent opportunity to get on the forefront of 21st century advanced manufacturing technology by receiving free training in the skills you need for rapid prototyping, innovation, invention, and inspiration toward accomplishing things you never dreamed possible.

Join our mission to empower our community by providing equipment, education, and workspace where goals are achieved through sharing knowledge and acquiring new skills that transform ideas into reality.

-Promote membership sales
-Conduct tours to prospective members
-Operate and maintain various machinery
-Assist with a plethora of day to day operations
-Assist members with safe use of any and all equipment

-General aptitude with tinkering
-Time management/organization
-General tech savvy-ness (troubleshooting, etc)
-Good verbal communication/presentation skills
-Eagerness to learn
-Sales capabilities
-ANY manufacturing experience

-Computer proficiency
-Word processing
-File management
-Graphic manipulation
-Flexible schedule
-Basic familiarity with common workshop tools

Contact for more information on internship opportunities at IDIYA.

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