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President Emeritus Scott Cowen Teaches Leadership At Tulane

President Emeritus Scott Cowen Teaches Leadership at Tulane

“The future of our country and the world depends on effective leadership, and I want Tulane students to be at the forefront of leading and changing our world.” President Emeritus Scott Cowen

It is a Tuesday morning, and Scott Cowen is engaging Tulane University undergraduates in a spirited discussion on a topic he knows well: leadership.

President Emeritus and Distinguished University Chair Cowen asks the students probing questions and peppers his lecture with anecdotes from his own experience as well as erudite references to articles and books.

Forty-one undergraduate students receive firsthand access to real-world leaders through their enrollment in Cowen’s course, The Mythology and Reality of Leadership. Half the students are in the School of Liberal Arts’ management minor and half are in the social innovation and social entrepreneurship minor, also known as SISE, which is an academic initiative at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking.

A supportive professor, Cowen clearly believes that each of his students has the potential to become a transformative leader. Over the course of the semester, he is meeting with each student to discuss his or her own personal leadership development.

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