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Taylor Your Life Fall 2016 Report

Taylor Your Life Fall 2016 Report

Taylor Your Life is a changemaking career development lab that teaches undergraduate students how to approach their future with the mindset and toolkit of a designer. 

Taylor Your Life (TYL) is a 2 credit 14-week social impact career development lab for undergraduate and graduate students to “Taylor” their life course by applying methods and mindsets of design thinking (human centered design) to career development. In the TYL journey, students identify multiple life paths, clarify their interests, focus and target their search, prototype and test changemaking careers, learn how to market and brand themselves to stand out from the crowd, map their community to effectively join the network of movers and shakers in their field, and design a life that makes a positive difference in the world and is “TAYLORed” to their unique life and personality.

About the Fall 2016 Report

In a questionnaire asking TYL students about their experiences, students in the Fall 2016 cohort reported that they unanimously would recommend TYL to others.

Students also reported that this course helped them feel more confident about the future:

“This program shook up what I thought I knew about my future, which is scary and confusing, but I am glad that it did. I now know that I need to do some serious soul searching, and I have a number of tools to help me do so. This class was a great introduction/crash course to the types of brainstorming and soul searching that I need to be doing in my life.” – Senior

“It really helped me reconcile my various interests and potential life paths, while also helping me identify ways to discern what truly interests and motivates me. I also was able to eliminate certain options through seeing that they did not match my goals, and mindmapping really helped me see how much of what I thought was unrelated is actually connected and overlaps with my other interests. I now feel very confident taking the next steps on my career path, knowing that I am preparing myself for a multitude of possibilities in my future, and also knowing that I am building up the skills and experiences necessary to have a job and lifestyle I love after Tulane.” – Sophomore, Business

“I feel more confident talking to people in the fields of urban planning and design, whereas before I was really self-conscious. And now that people know I’m looking for people to talk to about design, they’ll connect me without me specifically asking and it’s so helpful! I’ve also started to put myself in spaces where I’ll meet interesting people, like the Design as Protest event this week at the AIA New Orleans Center for Design. Additionally, going further than daydreaming other career or life paths and writing about them has made me a little less stringent and nervous about “wrong” steps.”- Graduate Student

Key takeaways from student feedback post TYL for Fall 2016 include calls for more time to complete activities and to reflect. Students also suggested more team building early on to build trust and relationships among classmates.

Click the button below to read the full report (pdf).

About Life Design at the Taylor Center

Created by Julia Lang, Taylor life design courses teach students to “TAYLOR” their life through the application of methods and mindsets of design thinking (human-centered design) to career development. Taylor Center life design instructors come from varied academic backgrounds and teach students from every school at Tulane. To learn more about the Taylor Center’s approach to life design education, read Julia Lang’s Ten Frameworks of Life Design Education.

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