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Internship Opportunities With Solitary Gardens

Jackie Summell, a local artist and activist, is seeking volunteers and/or interns to help with  Solitary Gardens, a project where garden beds will be the size of solitary prison cells to provide a platform for collaboration, education and commiseration between persons subjected to solitary confinement and volunteers on the “outside.”

What is Solitary Gardens?
Can you imagine a landscape without prisons, barren of the desire to punish?

The Solitary Gardens is looking for interns and volunteers to fill the following roles:

  • Gardening Intern: We will be building some beds in the coming months volunteer gardeners would maintain the beds as per the specs and instructions of the prisoners. All materials are paid for by the solitary  gardens. Interns would have to have their own transportation to the Lower Ninth Ward and should have interest in gardening/ permaculture. Gardening interns would be working directly with incarcerated persons.
  • Social Media/ Marketing Intern. We are looking for some one to manage social media and press contacts. A creative thinker adept with social media applications, able to send out press releases and connect Solitary Gardens to media outlets outside of New Orleans. As we build the platform through the Eyebeam residency this person would be responsible for connecting the online presence to the analog/ offline site.
  • Curriculum Intern. We are looking for someone interested in developing curriculum for prison abolition. They would work directly Five Mualimik. Five is an anti solitary, prison abolitionist based in New York. He took his name from the experience of 5-years in solitary at Rikers. Five will be working with students at Yale and Harvard to co-author the curriculum. Prison abolition curriculum should begin at the garden bed and be accessible for grades Kindergarten through Law School.

All positions have the potential to be paid based on effort, commitment and positive contributions/ energy.

To learn more about the Solitary Gardens project, visit: Solitary Gardens

To apply, email Jackie Sumell with your CV and a brief cover letter explaining your interest.

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