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Internship Opportunities With GrowDat Youth Farm

3 Intensive Internships available with Grow Dat Youth Farm, a NGO that nurtures a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food.

Position 1: Program Intern

This intern will provide logistical and administrative support to the Program Team as they coordinate the annual five-month Leadership Program for 50 teenagers and young adults which begins in February and runs through June. Weekly tasks will include material organization for upcoming lessons, preparing educational activities, and coordinating logistical details, such as transportation schedules, and other tasks.


Applicants should be detail-oriented, interested in becoming an educator or a part of the educational system, and eager to learn more about non-traditional education to enhance social and emotional intelligence and non-cognitive skills. This role also supports the organizing of events and activities and works directly with young adults. Student interns must be reliable, consistent, open-minded, hard working, and willing to take on any task, small or large.


Through this internship, students can expect to learn Grow Dat’s educational approach, their age-appropriate program design, how to prepare for educational workshops, how to foster youth-leadership through farming, and the logistical nuts and bolts of a youth development program.

Position 2: Farm Intern

The Farm Intern will provide hands-on work and thought leadership related to any systems or projects within the farm and agriculture that are in need of support or redesign. Weekly tasks include farm work related to planting, weeding, harvesting, and preparing harvest for sale or donation, among other tasks linked to agricultural production.


Applicants should enjoy working with their hands, have an interest in sustainable agriculture, want to learn more about the food system and how it functions from the perspective of a producer, and be interested in learning more about how non-profits can generate revenue to support their mission. Student interns must be hard-working, enjoy working on teams, reliable, consistent, and willing to take on any task, small or large.


The selected intern will will learn about how to grow food using sustainable methods, how Grow Dat generates revenue through produce sales at Grow Dat, and how to effectively engage youth employees, adult agricultural apprentices and volunteer group labor on the farm.

Position 3: Organizational Intern

The  Organizational Intern will provide general administrative support to the on-going operations of the organization, as well as potentially managing one or two special projects. Weekly tasks could include a very wide range of activities, such as maintaining or researching digital tools that support organizational health, researching best practices for HR systems or other organizational issues, providing executive assistant support such as calendar management, or assisting with designing materials specific to new projects or initiatives.


Grow Dat is looking for a student who likes a fast-paced and multi-faceted work environment, possesses strong written communication skills, and enjoys researching problems to arrive at a strong solution. The selected intern must be hard-working, detail-oriented, enjoy working independently, be reliable, consistent, willing to take on any task, small or large, and exhibit a strong professional demeanor. Graphic design skills and proficiency with digital office systems a plus.


The selected intern will learn about executive level day to day work and challenges and advance their understanding of  how to develop strong systems for the overall health of an organization or business. The intern will work primarily independently under the direction of the Executive Director and will get an inside view into the responsibility and activities of the job.



Grow Dat internships require a minimum of 100 hours of service over the 15-week semester. Interns are expected to work a minimum 6.5 hours per week over the 15 weeks with the opportunity to enhance their impact by contributing additional hours each week. The schedule will be determined upon hiring and will flex based on the needs of each position and the individual internship..

Selection process:

Interns will be interviewed by Grow Dat supervisors in a competitive application process.  Grow Dat supervisors will conduct interviews in a competitive application process.

Evaluation of Internship:

To evaluate students over the course of the internship, Grow Dat will provide a proficiency index outlining the capabilities Grow Dat expects from each position. Each intern will be evaluated based on their competencies at the beginning of their work, and how they advance in those capabilities over the period of the internship. The proficiency index and each individual’s score will be shared with their professor to enhance learning and accountability.

To apply, email Devon Turner at  with your CV and a brief cover letter explaining your interest.

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