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Learning About Social Justice And The Subjunctive In Guatemala
Tulane Ph.D. Student, Jessica Liddell, won a Taylor Changemaker Catalyst Award to spend her summer in Guatemala, where she took Spanish classes at a non-profit language school run by community activists and conducted HIV testing sessions in Spanish. 

“For my engaged learning experience, I spent three weeks at the Proyecto Linguistica Quetzalteco de Espanol (PLQ) Spanish school in Guatemala, a non-profit language school that uses some of its funds to support programs that address some of the social and economic problems in Guatemala. It is run as a cooperative and the majority of its teachers are community activists committed to social change. The school is unique because of its focus on social justice issues and its partnerships with local NGOs and other community organizations. Students are given the opportunity to engage with returned refugee communities, union organizations, human rights activists, and health workers, and volunteering with these local agencies is facilitated and encouraged by the school. As part of my engaged learning experience, I took the school’s ‘Spanish for Healthcare’ and ‘Spanish for Social Work’ courses…”

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