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Kids, Kitchens And Cultural Cuisines: Project Trains Locals To Teach Healthy Cooking To Youth In ‘food Literacy’ Effort

When The Cookbook Project (CBP) ­– a food literacy non-profit – taught skeptical students in the Lower 9th Ward at Our School at Blair Grocery how to make marinated mushroom po-boys, only one of the 18 kids had ever tried a mushroom. It turns out those fungi were a big hit. Husband and wife team Adam Aronovitz (Tulane ’03) and Alissa Bilfield (Tulane PhD Candidate in Public Health) founded CBP nearly five years ago to “bridge the gap between healthy food access and the skills necessary to prepare nutritious food while teaching the impact that food choices have on our personal health, the health of their community, and the health of the environment.”

Read more about The Cookbook Project,  a social venture that was awarded key funding from Taylor and will serve as a service-learning site for students in SISE 2010, Introduction to Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, in the Silicon Bayou News.




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