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What Exactly Does Research In SISE Look Like?
Photo of a participant in The Cookbook Project, a social enterprise founded and run by Allisa Billfield and Tulane alum, Adam Aronovitz. Alissa is a featured speaker at the SI Sympsium.

I have a really cool SI program to tell y’all about! The second annual Social Innovation research symposium is coming up on March 19th and March 20th.  I really encourage you to attend because it is a chance to see what research in social innovation looks like and to network with graduate students conducting this type of research.

To highlight a couple of the panels, The Social Value of Entrepreneurial Activities in New Orleans will critique local social enterprises and evaluate if the value truly goes to the inhabitants who need it, Place-Based Learning & Evaluation of Social Innovations will look at case studies of various projects, and Applied Research in the Youth & Education Sector will focus on the research practices for evaluating the success of programs to improve youth education. Read more at the student-curated Change Hub.

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