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Highbrow Highway

Highbrow Highway

Fund 17 founder Haley Burns reacts on OUT TO LUNCH.  Photos at Commander’s Palace by Chet Overall.

Haley Burns is leading a New Orleans economic revolution. It’s called Fund 17. Based on the microfinance model that won Muhummad Yunus a Nobel Prize, Fund 17 makes micro loans to what Haley calls the “Invisible businesses” in all 17 wards of New Orleans. Invisible businesses are the guys who do car detailing, the women who sell homemade candy from their house, and a hundred other NOLA variations of the hustle.

Fund 17’s goal is to bring these “side hustle” businesses out of the shadows and to give micro entrepreneurs the tools and micro loans to grow their hard work into a viable business. Listen to the full story at OUT TO LUNCH.

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