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Tulane In Puerto Rico – Learning About Sustainable Nutrition On An Organic Farm

Tulane in Puerto Rico – Learning about Sustainable Nutrition on an organic farm

I had heard of WWOOFing from a Tulane student who presented at a forum and whom received grant money to participate in this program in Argentina. WWOOF, which stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is an organization that allows organic farmers around the globe to connect to other people who are interested in traveling to that country, learning that language, and taking part in the revolution of sustainable nutrition. I was immensely excited by the idea – not only did it sound fun and enriching, especially as a public health student with interest in nutrition, but also economical; in exchange for manual labor on the farm, a WWOOFer receives room and board. WWOOFing tied exactly into my involvement with SISE, my declared minor, and fell right into the pathway I wanted to take with public health. Read more from ELA (now Changemaker Catalyst) award winner Emma Tran at the student-curated Change Hub.

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