Schiller serves as a Special Projects Consultant in the Social Innovation Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) program at Tulane and has also served as an adjunct lecturer for the program. He teaches a seminar on Ecumenical Spirituality as part of the TIDES program. Additionally, Schiller has taught courses on Jewish Mysticism and Introduction to Jewish Civilization. 

He was awarded the 2013 Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award for the most outstanding non-tenured professor at Tulane University and the Helen A. Mervis Jewish Community Professional Award from the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana.

Yonah Schiller’s educational and organizational work has been focused on investigating new and high-impact approaches to the idea of community building. In 2017, Schiller was named one of the 50 most influential, accomplished and interesting American Jews by the Forward magazine for having “revolutionized Jewish outreach using a model that is being examined and replicated across the nation.”   

Schiller also serves as the Executive Director of Tulane Hillel. He is the Founder of the Jewish Design Platform (JDP), a national design incubator geared towards building scalable systems, models and projects for creating inclusive and high impact Jewish community. He serves as the Senior Project Advisor to the Organizational Design Lab of JDP, a design thinking project focused on organizational change and transformation for Hillels on 16 university campuses across the US and Canada. Schiller combines his interests in business, the visual arts and Jewish education to play a role in his organizational design work. In addition to his position at Tulane Hillel, Schiller serves as a consultant to a number of Jewish organizations and initiatives regarding leadership development, strategy and organizational visioning.

Schiller is from the Boston area, a graduate of Brown University with a degree in Studio Art and Art History. Schiller received his rabbinic degree in Israel, with an emphasis on Mysticism and Law. Yonah received his MBA from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, focused on Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Yonah lives in New Orleans with his wife Allison and their three children.