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Sabrina Leeds

Sabrina Leeds is a graduate student in pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy, with a focus in technology ethics, through Tulane’s 4+1 Master’s degree program. As the Taylor Center’s Graduate Administrative Assistant, Sabrina Leeds assists with the general operations of the administrative office on a daily basis, while offering support to event and project leads as needed. Essentially, Leeds makes sure Taylor is running smoothly, to optimize efficiency.      

A first-generation college student, Leeds graduated cum laude from Tulane University in May of 2018, with a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political economy and a minor in management. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in philosophy, with a focus in technology ethics, through Tulane’s 4+1 Master’s degree program, after which she plans to continue her education with a joint J.D./Ph.D. program.  

Leeds aims to incorporate human-centered design thinking into her academic and professional career, as well as her personal life, in order to more comprehensively tackle the myriad, interdisciplinary challenges of technology ethics, and to create effective, lasting, and meaningful change. Outside of Tulane, Leeds teaches an introductory philosophy course at Project Lazarus, a transitional housing community for previously homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS. 

As an undergraduate student, Leeds was active in Alpha Kappa Psi, Tulane’s professional business fraternity, holding multiple officer and executive positions, and was the first person from the Pi Chi Chapter to be accepted to the Alpha Kappa Psi Academy, an annual, all-expenses-paid, intensive leadership training. Leeds also spent a summer abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, studying management consulting, before spending a Semester at Sea, working to develop cultural competence, as well as skills necessary to address issues of intercultural communication, and individual and cultural identity, while traveling to 12 different countries around the world.  

Most recently, Leeds served as a delegate from the United States for the 2017 International Young Leaders Assembly Global Summit, focusing on moral and innovative leadership for sustainable development, at the United Nations headquarters. 

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